Redwood Curtain

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Best known for her title role in the original cast of Miss Saigon, this film marks the first lead movie role for actress Lea Salonga. As an adopted piano prodigy in search of her biological father, the film deals with the theme of finding your true self in all aspects of life, not just nationality. The exceptional performances of John Lithgow and Jeff Daniels add to the star-quality of this film.


Adapted from the Broadway play of the same name, Redwood Curtain is a touching story of a young Vietnamese woman in search of her true identity. Adopted by a wealthy Californian family, Geri is a gifted Vietnamese teen, well on her way to becoming a concert pianist. But when her adoptive father dies unexpectedly, Geri is suddenly compelled to seek out her biological father, an American veteran living in seclusion in the Redwood Forest of Northern California.

Starring Lea Salonga, Jeff Daniels, and John Lithgow.

Starring: Jeff Daniels, Lea Salonga, Debra Monk

Directed by: John Kortyf


Drama / Movies



Run Time

99 min.


United States


Lyman Fellers: Jeff Daniels

Geri Riordan: Lea Salonga

Geneva: Debra Monk

Laird Riordan: John Lithgow


Directed by: John Kortyf

Written by: Ed Namzug

Based on the Play by: Lanford Wilson

Produced by: Rick Rosenberg

Produced by: Bob Christiansen

Executive Producer: Richard Welsh

Original Music by: Lawrence Shragge

Cinematographer: Ronnie Taylor

Edited by: Scott Vickrey

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