Missing Pieces

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This is a compelling film that's a mystery on the surface, but also a story of forgiveness, honesty, and family at its core. James Coburn gives a strong performance as a father in search of the truth, who travels from the American West to a resort community in Mexico after his estranged son allegedly commits suicide. The tragic incident that led to the breakup of this family is revealed through flashbacks, which only add to the drama and complex mystery-like quality of the film.


Rancher and widower Atticus Cody travels to Mexico to claim the body of his estranged son, a troubled artist plagued by guilt over a tragedy that occurred years earlier. As Atticus unravels the clues surrounding his son's apparent suicide, he realizes that his son may have been murdered.

Starring James Coburn.

Starring: James Coburn, Lisa Zane, Paul Kersey

Directed by: Carl Schenkel


Drama / Movies



Run Time

100 min.


United States


Atticus Cody: James Coburn

Renata: Lisa Zane

Scott Cody: Paul Kersey


Directed by: Carl Schenkel

Written by: Sally Robinson

Based on the Novel by: Ron Hansen

Produced by: Andrew Gottlieb

Executive Producer: Richard Welsh

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