Back When We Were Grownups

Why We're Feeln It

Based on the Anne Tyler novel, Blythe Danner, Faye Dunaway, Peter Fonda, and Jack Palance star in this touching film is about second chances, the importance of family, and the choices in life that make us happier and wiser.


As the head of her household, 53-year-old Rebecca has always rolled with the punches, even those that were particularly hard-hitting. Suddenly, the congenial grandmother, family cheerleader, caretaker, party planner, and proprietress of the family business has an uncharacteristic mid-life crisis. After all these years, Rebecca can't help but feel that she somehow turned into the wrong person, so she begins searching for the self she thinks she's left behind.

Starring: Blythe Danner, Faye Dunaway, Peter Fonda

Directed by : Ron Underwood


Drama / Movies



Run Time

1 hr 38 min


United States


Rebecca Holmes Davitch: Blythe Danner

Tina: Faye Dunaway

Dr. Will Allenby: Peter Fonda

Paul Poppy Davitch: Jack Palance


Directed by: Ron Underwood

Based on the Novel by: Anne Tyler

Writen by: Susanna Stryron and Bridget Terry

Associate Producer: Cameron Johann

Executive Producer: Brent Shields

Executive Producer: Richard Welsh

Original Music by: Jeff Beal