A Smile as Big as the Moon


Mike Kersjes is a high school special education teacher whose students have disabilities such as Tourette's syndrome, Down's Syndrome, dyslexia and a variety of emotional problems. But that doesn't stop Mike from believing that his students would benefit from going to NASA Space Camp, which had been specifically designed only for gifted and talented students; the best and the brightest from America's most privileged high schools. With remarkable persistence, Mike breaks down one barrier after another, from his own principal's office to the inner sanctum of NASA, until Space Camp finally opens its doors, on an experimental basis, to special ed students. After nine months of rigorous preparation, during which the class molded itself into a working team, they arrive at Space Camp, and turn in a performance that surprises everyone.

Starring: John Corbett, Jessy Schram, Logan Huffman

Directed by : James Steven Sadwith





Run Time

1 hr 35 min


United States


Mike Kersjes: John Corbett

Robynn: Jessy Schram

Scott: Logan Huffman


Directed by: James Steven Sadwith

Written by: Thomas Rickman

Supervising Producer: Pat Chapman

Executive Producer: Brent Shields

Executive Producer: Dan Paulson

Original Music by: Mark Adler