A Place for Annie

Why We're Feeln It

A socially-conscious film that is based on a true story, "A Place for Annie" was nominated for the 1994 Emmy for Best Made for Television Movie.


Abandoned by her drug-addicted mother, Annie, an HIV positive infant, is adopted by a pediatric nurse named Susan. With the help of a supportive teenage son and a devoted nanny, Susan is able to create a loving and stable environment for little Annie. A year later the birth mother, Linda reemerges and demands custody of Annie. Susan, hoping to keep Annie any way that she can, ultimately invites Linda to come live with her and, over time, the two women develop a common bond in their love for Annie.

Starring: Sissy Spacek, Mary-Louise Parker, Joan Plowright

Directed by : John Gray





Run Time

1 hr 39 min


United States


Susan Lansing: Sissy Spacek

Linda: Mary-Louise Parker

Dorothy: Joan Plowright


Directed by: John Gray

Written by: Cathleen Young & Lee Guthrie

Produced by: Diane Walsh

Executive Producer: Marcy Gross

Executive Producer: Ann Weston

Original Music by: Mark Snow

Cinematographer: Donald M. Morgan

Edited by: Robert Florio