Miss Connie's Last Day


A retiring preschool teacher receives a surprise from her students. "A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops." - Henry Adams

Starring: Peggy Lord Chilton, Susan Nash, Alexa Adams

Directed by: Tracy Lynch Britton


Drama / Short Films



Run Time

5 min.


United States


Miss Connie: Peggy Lord Chilton

Modern Day Jane: Susan Nash

Young Jane: Alexa Adams

Jake: Jeremy Fried

Extra: James Cardali

Extra: Parker Bolek

Extra: Jeannie Cardali

Extra: Francesca Chaney

Extra: David Robert Abilez

Extra: Bryn Allen

Extra: Matthew Allen

Extra: Jada Anthony

Extra: Erica Avalos

Extra: Connor Gallagher

Extra: Brenda Avila

Extra: Stan Bacon

Extra: Bridget Barstow

Extra: Mike Gallagher

Extra: Sal Cardali

Extra: Lorri Bearbower

Extra: Kayla Belle

Extra: Renee Brookdale

Extra: Jim Bolek

Extra: Beverly Chang

Extra: Emily Chaney

Extra: Christine Cowden

Extra: Lillian Cruz

Extra: Mollie Curry

Extra: Christopher Dalton

Extra: Dana Mattner

Extra: Gregory Malina

Extra: Natasha Dalton

Extra: Hal Davis

Extra: Luke R. Davis

Extra: Kyle Mattner

Extra: Peta Dean

Extra: Anthony DiGiorgio

Extra: Daniella DiGiorgio

Extra: Tracy DiGiorgio

Extra: Karen Escobar

Extra: Araceli Giacoman

Extra: Rachel Mattner

Extra: Adrian Gonzalez

Extra: Hannah Taylor Greene

Extra: Stephan Gregory

Extra: Ryan Harma

Extra: Linda C. Harma

Extra: Jon Henderson

Extra: Dana Stewart

Extra: Robert Hryniewicki

Extra: Sinetria L. Hudson

Extra: Caroline E. Keenan

Extra: Jayden Stewart

Extra: Nathan Mattner

Extra: Logan Knight

Extra: Darlene Lanham

Extra: James Lanham

Extra: Kristen Lo

Extra: Kathleen Meyer

Extra: Madison Meyer

Extra: Susan Morse

Extra: Miriam Perez

Extra: Ingrid Quintas

Extra: Joey Reilly

Emily: Bryn Allen

Extra: Kim Reilly

Extra: Brad Schelton

Extra: Evan Schelton

Extra: Altavia Shelley

Extra: Lauryn Shelley

Extra: Paul Shelley

Extra: Matthew Slimmer

Extra: Michael Spielmann

Extra: Ben Stockham

Extra: Juana Stockham

Extra: Shujen Walker

Extra: Heather Weidaw

Extra: Jaclyn Weidaw

Extra: Jessica Shearer Wilson

Extra: Barry Womack

Extra: Olesya Yarovaya


Directed by: Tracy Lynch Britton

Written and Produced by: Rob Fried

Executive Producer: Noessa Higa

Line Producer: Gia Galligani

Co-Producer: Craig Ginsberg

Co-Producer: Tyrrell Shaffner

Script Supervisor: Aprill Winney

Production Assistant: Fernando Galligani

Addi. Photog. Production Asst.: Kris Mercer

Production Assistant: Star Li

Production Assistant: Jason Turer

Production Assistant: Melissa Pina

Add. Photog. Director: Ben Rekhi

Add. Photog. Line Producer: Anisa Qureshi

Add. Photog. Dir. of Photography: Darren Genet

Add. Photog. 1st Asst. Director: Christopher T. Sadler

Add. Photog. Digital Asset Mgr.: Jacob Chase

Add. Photog. Script Supervisor: Nirvana Adams

Add. Photog. 2nd Asst. Director: Brett Zuckerman

Add. Photog. Gaffer: Tim Otholt

Add. Photog. Key Grip: Team Bashet

Add. Photog. Swing: Bryan Yokomi

Add. Photog. Swing: Tina H. Kim

Add. Photog. Production Asst.: Micaela Brown

Add. Photog. Production Asst.: Niti Purohit

SpiritClips Staff: Bettina Elvina

Casting by: Elisha Gruer, C.S.A.

Director of Photography: Barry Wilson

Production Coordinator: Jed Linder

Post Production Supervisor: Eric M. Klein

Color Timer: Bobby Maruvada

Second Assistant Director: Martin D. Reuter

Casting by: Michelle Levy

Post Sound Mixer: W. Alex Reeves

Legal Counsel: Uyen Le

SpiritClips Staff: Chris Commons

SpiritClips Staff: Steven Tagle

Editor: W. Alex Reeves

Additional Editor: Mitch Rouse

Original Music by: Patrick Kirst

First Assistant Director: Louis Race

Production Designer: Danielle Kim Osborne

Art Director: Christiana Rubin

Costume Designer: Danielle Kim Osborne

Add. Photo. Art Production Asst.: Greg Hardin

: Autumn Hand

Production Sound Mixer: Saravoot Kaitkalang

Digital Asset Manager: Joe Coleman

Key Production Assistant: Eddie Esparza

First Assistant Camera: Andrea Bassani-Santamaria

Gaffer: Jarrod Hettler

Key Grip: Cory Hart

Dolly Grip: Forrest Sandefer

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