In Love and War

Why We're Feeln It

Based on a true WWII story, at the time it came out, the actual couple was celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.


After being released from an Italian prison, British officer Eric Newby suffers an ill-timed injury, forcing his fellow soldiers to leave him behind. Injured and alone, Eric is challenged with finding his way out of Italy before the Germans arrive. The local Italians do their best to come to Eric's aid. Among them is Wanda, a beautiful local girl who teaches him Italian to help him blend in. Slowly, their small friendship turns to romance, but with the Germans hot on his trail, they are kept apart, not knowing what will happen.

Starring: Callum Blue, Barbora Bobulova, Peter Bowles

Directed by : John Kent Harrison


Drama / Romance / Movies



Run Time

1 hr 39 min


United States


Eric Newby: Callum Blue

Wanda: Barbora Bobulova

Melville: Peter Bowles


Directed by: John Kent Harrison

Written by: John Mortimer

Based on the Novel by: Eric Newby

Produced by: Andrew Gotlleib and Brent Shields

Executive Producer: Robert Welsh