The Flamingo Rising


An ambitious Vietnam veteran, Hubert T. Lee, moves his wife Edna and two adopted children to Northern Florida in the 1960s, where he plans to build the world's largest drive-in theater directly across the street from a quiet funeral parlor. The noisy establishment is a hit with locals, but infuriates the director of the funeral home, Turner Knight, who also happens to live next door to the Lee's. A spirited rivalry quickly develops between the two families, but a growing friendship between Edna and Turner complicates matters, as well as a budding romance between their two children.

Starring: William Hurt, Elizabeth McGovern, Brian Benben

Directed by : Martha Coolidge





Run Time

1 hr 37 min


United States


Turner Knight: William Hurt

Edna Lee: Elizabeth McGovern

Hubert T. Lee: Brian Benben

Alice King: Angelea Bettis


Directed by: Martha Coolidge

Written by: Richard Russo

Based on the Novel by: Larry Baker

Produced by: Brent Shields

Executive Producer: Richard Welsh

Original Music by: David Newman

Cinematographer: Johnny E. Jensen

Edited by: David Finfer