An ambitious Vietnam veteran, Hubert T. Lee, moves his wife Edna and two adopted children to Northern Florida in the 1960s, where he plans to build the world's largest drive-in theater directly across the street from a quiet funeral parlor. The noisy establishment is a hit with locals, but infuriates the director of the funeral home, Turner Knight, who also happens to live next door to the Lee's. A spirited rivalry quickly develops between the two families, but a growing friendship between Edna and Turner complicates matters, as well as a budding romance between their two children.

Starring: William Hurt, Elizabeth McGovern, Brian Benben

Directed by: Martha Coolidge





Run Time

97 min.


United States


Turner Knight: William Hurt

Edna Lee: Elizabeth McGovern

Hubert T. Lee: Brian Benben

Alice King: Angelea Bettis


Directed by: Martha Coolidge

Written by: Richard Russo

Based on the Novel by: Larry Baker

Produced by: Brent Shields

Executive Producer: Richard Welsh

Original Music by: David Newman

Cinematographer: Johnny E. Jensen

Edited by: David Finfer

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