Fallen Angel

Why We're Feeln It

It's not your typical lighthearted holiday movie, as it deals with some difficult issues, but its messages of forgiveness, second chances, and love make it deeply moving.


Terry McQuinn, a high-powered Los Angeles lawyer who learns a powerful lesson about second chances. After his father's death, Terry McQuinn, high-powered Los Angeles lawyer returns to his Maine home. There, he is reunited with Katherine Wentworth, whose family had employed his father as caretaker and handyman. A secret from Terry and Katherine's past turns out to be the key to their future, and a reminder that it's never too late to fall in love.

Starring: Gary Sinise, Joely Richardson

Directed by : Michael Switzer


Drama / Romance / Movies



Run Time

1 hr 38 min


United States


Terry McQuinn: Gary Sinise

Katherine Wentworth: Joely Richardson


Directed by: Michael Switzer

Written by: Don Snyder

Produced by: Anne Hopkins

Executive Producer: Richard Welsh