Face to Face


Diana is an American archeologist on an expedition in Kenya to try to recover the oldest human fossil ever found. But Tobias, an English miner, has laid a claim to the site to dig up a valuable resource. The two strong-willed aren't willing to give an inch, but eventually their fiery conflict turns to romance. Then the real conflict is between their newfound feelings for each other and their insistence on achieving their ultimate goals.

Starring: Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Foxworth, Stephen Greif

Directed by : Lou Antonio


Drama / Romance / Movies



Run Time

1 hr 33 min


United States


Dr. Diana Firestone: Elizabeth Montgomery

Tobias Williams: Robert Foxworth

Grant Ross: Stephen Greif


Directed by: Lou Antonio

Story by: Edward Pomerantz

Teleplay: John Sweet

Produced by: Robert Halmi Jr.

Music: Lalo Schifrin

Director of Photography: Charles Correll

Film Editing By: Gary Griffin