Calm at Sunset

Why We're Feeln It

Nominated for a Primetime Emmy, this film based on the Paul Watkins novel follows the plight of one young man to fulfill his dream despite his father's disapproval.


Calm at Sunset is a generation gap story with an unexpected twist. Fisherman Russell Pfeiffer has always dreamed of a better and more prosperous life for his sons, and to that end, bankrolls their college education. But his youngest son, 18-year-old James, drops out of school during his first year, intending to follow his dream of owning his own fishing boat. This dream is not only a source of grief for his hard-working parents, but it also proves dangerous and challenging for James. He is forced to weather a tragedy and uncovers a shocking family secret, and has to make a decision that may compromise his morals. Starring Peter Facinelli and Kevin Conway.

Starring: Michael Moriarty, Peter Facinelli, Kevin Conway

Directed by : Daniel Petrie


Drama / Movies



Run Time

1 hr 38 min


United States


Russell Pfeiffer: Michael Moriarty

James Pfeiffer: Peter Facinelli

Kelly Dobbs: Kevin Conway

Mr. Bucket: Melvin Van Peebles

Joseph Pfeiffer: Christopher Orr


Directed by: Daniel Petrie

Written by: Pamela Gray

Based on the Novel by: Paul Watkins

Produced by: Daniel Petrie

Produced by: Richard Welsh

Co-Executive Producer: Brent Shields

Edited by: Benjamin A. Weissman

Original Music by: Ernest Troost